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Prescription Only Medicines (POM’s) : the procedure to obtain them with a written prescription from your vet

Our aim at Astonlee is to provide the best prices we can for our patients where their owners are looking for the help they need to care for their pets, and in some cases that can mean the difference between keeping their pet on long term medication or having to give up on their beloved companion, or to buying the product to prevent your dog getting lungworm or not.

Many of the prices of medicines are lower on the internet than they are direct to buy from a veterinary practice because the overheads are simply very much lower.

To take advantage of the low prices we have on the Astonlee web shop, you need to provide a written prescription for these medicines from the vet.  This will either be provided at Astonlee Vet Hospital on your last visit or a visit to see your pet for a check-up, or you can ask your vet for a prescription if you normally take your pets elsewhere.

This written prescription will already be in the hands of the vet authorising your purchase of POM’s from the Astonlee shop if you are a regular client and you asked for a prescription.  This means that when you order from our on line shop, we the vets can authorise your purchase, verifying that your pet has had the necessary check-up and we are in receipt of that all important vet prescription, which is a legal requirement.

We would like to help you, so hope you understand this message. 

You do not need a prescription to buy ‘prescription diets’, but it is advisable to get advice from your vet before buying any of these.